Parr United Methodist Church
Thursday, March 23, 2023
The Little Church with a Big Heart
Come worship with us!
Sunday Service at 9:15 am
Sunday School 10:30 am 

Welcome to the Parr Project

      Parr Church is on loan from God. It belongs to God. Since time began, God has been trying to establish a connection with His people. Throughout history, God has chosen special people to carry out His purpose for us. He sent his only son, Jesus Christ to establish an everlasting relationship with us.

     God established Parr church to reach out and touch lives for Jesus Christ. Our purpose is to spread the word of Jesus Christ. Those who attend Parr church are committed to sharing their life in Jesus Christ with others. Therefore, we at Parr are part of God’s project to know him better through the life and teachings of Jesus.

     We invite you to become a part of God’s project at Parr. In this post-modern, fast- pace era, there are few things we can rely on. Now perhaps more than ever, we need the stability that only God can give. Our doors are open to all who seek truth, peace, acceptance and understanding. 

Please come be a part of God’s plan for Parr Church.